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	Aug-1 2021		During August there is shown my work of art in Lahti's bus stop displays.
				Welcome to Lahti, or have a look at Lahti's web site!

	May-26 2021		I spend four dolce weeks in Villa Lante of The Finnish Institute in Rome.

	Mar-11 2021		Happy surprise: 
				Waste bag holder dating back 33 years returned to Helsinki for several weeks.
				Character is fettered to hourglass, which he bows when trash is disposed.
				Short video of this.

	Feb-15 2021		Lahti is the European Green Capital 2021.
				This is why there is art in bus stop displays during the year. 
				In August photo of my work of art will be seen there.
				It has few brush strokes on abandoned painting.

	Jan-15 2021		In Kuressaare traffic circle art work competition two equal prizes were awarded.
				My proposal Saare Kured (island's storks) was other one of them.

	Jan-10 2021		Reshow of sivupoluilla exhibition in Konttori of Cable Factory until January 29th.

	Jan-1 2021		Wish for year 2021! Writing dates back nearly half century ago. - and is still topical.
				(Shortened translation: "My expectations for this year -
				no accidents, getting rid of wars and famine, less polluting, health for all, possibilities 
				for study, work and accommodation, racism should be removed totally, development 
				aid to be increased, opinion of poor people to be heard, animals should be let live.")

	Oct-26 2020		Now available exhibition prospectus of my newest exhibition.

	Sep-23 2020		My photo exhibition in Cable Factory from Sep-28 to Oct-23 2020 on weekdays 8 - 20
				Vernissage Friday Sep-25 2020 at 18 - 20

	Feb-20 2020		Welcome to Cable Factory in Helsinki 21.2. - 1.3.2020 
					TEOS2020, annual art sales exhibition is open from 11 to 17 (work days to 18).

	Feb-18 2020		In the art competition of housing limited liability company Otavan Kruunu in Pori, 
					the jury awarded mention of honor to my proposal.

	Dec-18 2019		Prosperous New Year 2020.

	Nov-20 2019		My e-mail address changed. New one is 

	Aug-22 2019		I took part in Arctic Art Week symposium in Kakslauttanen.

	May-23 2019		My video was accepted to Klimakunst 2019 exhibition.
				You are welcome to visit it in Skørping, Denmark
				from 26th May to 31th August 2019.

	Mar-28 2019	From April 1st to 26th you can vote in art competition. 
				Either in or in S-galleria (Fleminginkatu 34, Helsinki).
				To vote, in the last page one's choice to be tagged and "valmis"-button to be pressed.
				(My entry is number  5 )

	Feb-24 2019	My exhibition in galleria Rankka here in Helsinki is still open.
				For those of you in the remotest locations there is
				a paperless complimentary copy of exhibition publication to browse.

	Feb-19 2019	My exhibition, nostaa kissan hännän
				Tue-Sun 13-18, until March 10th 2019.
				galleria Rankka (WC), Eerikinkatu 36, Helsinki. Welcome!

	Jan-4 2019	Season's greetings. May this virtual candle illuminate your winter.

	Nov-4 2018	You find me in the renewed Register of the Artists' Association of Finland. 

	Oct-10 2018	I spent September in AFA Centre residence, Madrid.

	Aug-14 2018	"Tänään poikkeusreittiä" (an exception route today) is a sculpture in private garden. 
				See facebook.
				Also etunoja has a facebook site.

	May-29 2018	Käki on laskeutunut (Cuckoo has landed)
				My latest exhibition in Helsinki.

	Apr-12 2018	Soon to be the vernissage. 
				Print the invitation, fold oblique and cut the extras off. 
				Welcome! Käki on laskeutunut (Cuckoo has landed).

	Mar-28 2018	My international breakthrough? 
				I was awarded third prize in The Danish-Cuban Association's poster design competition.
				Read more here.

	Feb-23 2018	TEOS 2018 - until March 4th. Welcome.
				Also three of my works, two of them never before on public.
				See the sales event in facebook.

	Jan-18 2018	Waternity, installation in Swirzerland (2017).

	Dec-27 2017	More about FeuterShow exhibition.

	Dec-18 2017	Soon year ends traditionally.
				Small video to greet happiness for rest of the old as well for the new year.

	Dec-12 2017	Autumn I spent in Open Spaces residency in Switzerland. 	

	Nov-20 2017	Anzeiger von Saanen was the first to report of our exhibition.

	Nov-3 2017	Soon will be time for end exhibition of the residency.
				All artists of Open Spaces Art Centre will take part. 
				Opening Wednesday November 15. Welcome and/und Willkommen!

	Oct-13 2017	Open studio here at Feutersoey Sunday October 10th. 
				Welcome and/und Willkommen.

	Jul-3 2017		Now there is new lawn around Muistamme, the work of art in Malmi cemetery.
				I made a short video of the work. Click here to watch it.

	Feb-15 2017	Helmikuu - my exhibition in Joensuu.
				Hurry, open until February 24th 2017.

	Jan-26 2017	Be prepared for my next exhibition.
				Exhibition called Helmikuu will soon open in Joensuu.
				For address and opening times see invitation.

	Dec-28 2016	Seasons greetings!
				Writing of my best Christmas present, a lamp.

	Dec-22 2016	My post address has changed. You can find the new one on front-page.

	Nov-9 2016	Muistamme is my newest public work of art.
				Sculpture reuses deleted tombstones.
				You can find it at Malmi cemetery in Helsinki.
				But blizzard covered it for the moment...

	Oct-21 2016	Soon my work of art will be unveiled at Malmi cemetery.
				Welcome to occation!

	Aug-26 2016	Now my etunoja-services is in social media.
				You are welcome to share your good etunoja experiences in facebook.

	May-16 2016	In 2004 I published Colour Sock Therapy, a guide book under "Annikki Chardonney" pseudonym.
				Tiny handmade edition is sold out.
				Read little more about therapy here.
				Now all interested may find this guide book in web and get help for many disorders.
				The web version of Colour Sock Therapy you find here (in Finnish).

	Apr-12 2016	Also this was earlier only on paper.
				Exhibition catalogue published year 2000, now digitized.
				Click here to view it.

	Mar-10 2016	Digitization, documentation, establishing.
				Again an ancient publication for web.
				Click here to browse ¿Tangat? from year 1992.
				Loading takes few moments.
				More info about the book. Click here.

	Feb-15 2016	Now you can browse also Stalin prizes 2004 publication in web (in Finnish).
				Click here.
				Book opens in a new window, and loading will take few moments.

	Jan-22 2016	2011 I awarded Stalin Prizes, already second time. 
				About the prizes and awarded I published a small book. 
				Now, at last, you can browse the book also in web. Finnish version only.
				Click here
				Book opens in a new window, and loading will take few moments.

	Dec-10 2015	Soon it's christmas time, and new year is coming. 
				Let's have a glimpse 50 years back. 

	Oct-1 2015	Oman käden oikeus, three charcoal drawings from Oct.1 to Nov.29, 2015
				in café Cavalier, Malminrinne 2 - 4, Helsinki

	Mar-5 2015	Tampere Film Festival began yesterday. In Special programme 
				"Gems from Archives 2" -series there are also my movies Raamattu and Koraani.
				Screenings at 14.00 today and at 16.00 Saturday in Niagara cinema. Welcome!
				View more closely in this Programme Catalogue page.

	Feb-10 2015	"Je suis Charlie", is said frequently nowadays. 
				Freedom of speech is always topical.

	Feb-6 2015	Besides art, another reason to spend January in artist's residence in Bali
				was to avoid Finnish gray winter.

	Dec-16 2014	It seems Christmas used to be important for me...
				Impressions of year 1965 show it. 
				Starring our family, Santa, girl next door and auntie Eeti.

	Dec-3 2014	Year 1995 I made short films Raamattu (Bible) and Koraani (Koran).
				Now I have had these digitized. Link to view the films.

	Feb-25 2014	Few weeks ago I published new movie, Toubab.
				After seeing it, you may want to see the sequel, Toubab 2.

	Feb-13 2014	My new bublic work of art in Saint-Louis of Senegal -
				Jox daje ci jantu xaaju-bëccëg bi

	Feb-11 2014	January I spend in Waaw, the residency located in Senegal.

	Feb-6 2014	In Saint-Louis, Senegal I videoed some.
				The result is "Toubab" short movie.

	Dec-18 2013	Seasons greetings!
				Essey writing is from the year 1970.

	Aug-7 2013	Already yesterday you had possibility to view some facials 
				after Tom of Finland in cafe Cavalier. 
				Works are of my earlier Mun plesö exhibition.
				Welcome till 26th October.

	May-11 2013	My Kevät (Spring) exhibition is still open for about three weeks.
				Have a look on it at Kaapelitehdas/Cable Factory in Helsinki.
				Or find the web version of it here.

	Jan-11 2013	Already returned from Tasmania.

	Aug-15 2012	I made two proposals for art competition "tombstone".
				One was awarded 3rd prize
				and the other, recognition award.

	Jun-18 2012	As a new interpretation  -
				I added information about my planting work of art (?).

	May-10 2012	I had a chance to visit Scotland. 
				The Edinburgh residence of Arts Council of Häme was in my use a good week.

	Dec-9 2011	I was five weeks in Vancouver Arts Centre's residence in Albany, WA.

	Nov-30 2011 	My work of art Out of Context was unveiled October 2011 in Albany, Australia.

	Sep-21 2011	New public work of art XX.
    				It can be seen in wall of Cable Factory courtyard when sunny.

	Sep-21 2011	I won Cable Factory 20 years -art competition. 

	Sep-14 2011	Last week I awarded Stalin Prizes 2011. This time the theme was senses.

	May-11 2011	I just opened my newest exhibition, Mun plesö (My Pleasure) in Taidejulistegalleria.

	Mar-27 2011	Two old TV-clips of my exhibitions at last whole and in better quality. 
    				Check: Revalvaattori and Kuukausi.

	Dec-19 2010	Did we remember to send you season's greetings? It can be viewed here.
				Animation starts only after it has loaded totally ( 2,3 Mb), so it may take a while.

	Oct-15 2010	Not new, but unseen. Now in web 3 collages and a drawing I made abroad.
				Click for cross-stitched collage of found materials, Fruit of Wachaun? -collage, Yawn-collage 
				and drawing of a chair with its warning.

	Jun-28 2010	Oonko se minä? is my exhibition in Käytävägalleria of Cable Factory.

	Apr-16 2010	Seven years ago work of art "Kunnianosoitus kouluruokailulle" was brand new.
				Some time ago Ulla took new photos of it. View them here.

	Mar-26 2010	A video was made as an exhibition catalogue of Koruko exhibition 1990. 
				Now this 20 years old video can be seen also in the web.

	Feb-17 2010	I had pleasant opportunity to spend January in Artsource's residence in Fremantle.

	Dec-14 2009	Valoon, new work of art in Helsinki Prison.

	Feb-18 2009	Of my visit to South America in winter 1992-3, I now added some important information for public use.

	Feb-17 2009	I just opened Sisustustauluja pikkuporvaristolle exhibition in Lasipalatsin näyttelytila.

	Jan-19 2009	"Pirstaleisuudesta" book was selected to take part in 5th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2009.
				It'll be first in Germany, in Leipzig Book Fair 12 – 15 March,
				then in Gallery "Arka", Vilnius, Lithuania 30 April – 16 May 2009.

	Dec-12 2008	November I spent in Northern Iceland in Nes-residence. 

	Aug-27 2008	Due to cancellation I got a possibility to visit residence of Arts Council of Southeast Finland in Barcelona, Spain

	Feb-14 2008	Now information also of my publications - no further than in the menu on left.

	Jan-29 2008	An ex libris I made, was in Bread - Cultural Heritage exibition.

	Dec-5  2007	Iceland 
	Nov-30 2007	My free service, etunoja, now also in English. Etunoja gives excellent feedback for artists.

	Nov-28 2007	I had a private exhibition in gallerí Klaustur of Skriduklaustur, Iceland. Myrkar myndir/Paintworks

	Nov-26 2007	Ole rohkea, new work of art in Helsinki School of Natural Sciences.

	Sep-18 2007	Links in the bottom of this page, and counter in the menu. 	(N.B. counter removed later)

	Aug-19 2007	At last simplier web address: 
				Etunoja is also the name of my web service.
				To access the service, first you have to go to Finnish version of this web site - click "suomeksi" on the left.
				I hope to get an English version of it some day.

	Jul-4  2007		Updatings of Australia and Media Centre have got lots in common.
				Commission for Media Centre I made in Bundanon Trust's residence in Australia. 

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