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I rented a atelier of city of Lisbon for August 1999.
I spent the month knitting. As a result I got five works of art connected to a story I wrote about real scientist, inventor of band with only one side.
Below you find pictures of three of the works and a synopsis of the story.
(I also completed an art work with cross-stitches to be the agreed rent of the atelier.)

Synopsis of the original Finnish version.

Once upon time, to be exact, autumn 1790 Mrs. Moebius was pregnant. She started to knit for the baby she'll soon bear. She used knitting needles, which are connected to each other to get seamless result. But when she was knitting, she felt something is wrong. After she knitted three evenings, she noticed the blue thread was too dark. She had to start over.

Next day she bought light green thread. She started to knit pattern with pearl-like structure. After she knitted three evenings, she thought: "Nice pattern, but it looks very girlish. I just feel I'm having a boy-baby." So she had to start it over.

Next day she bought light blue thread. "This time I choose pattern with squares. It will be nice for him." she decided. But after she knitted three evenings, she noticed pattern with squares had thicker and thinner places, which would feel like seams on sensitive skin of baby. "I still have time to start over." she thought.

Next day she went again to buy new thread. The thread shop had run out of light blue thread and light green thread. There was left only dark colors and light yellow and uncolored white thread. So she bought uncolored and thought: "I can have it colored afterwards." After she knitted three evenings, she noticed she had knitted half circle twisted. And she took the earlier knitting and saw she had done the same error four times. It was funny that all the knittings were twisted cones. And she decided to start over.

So next day she bought the last suitable thread, the light yellow. There wasn't much time left so she didn't make ball of the skein. She could as well knit directly from the skein.

Next day she was lost in thought and started again knitting. This time from the other end of the light yellow thread. And she continued like this. Every other day the other knitting than day before.

In the sixth evening she had knitted three evenings from both ends of the light yellow thread. And there was no more left in the skein. Now she had two half done knittings connected together. And also both of these she had knitted half circle twisted. She had to laugh. "Now I did a double failure. I have nothing use for these, except making good feeling. I save these and my boy will have good laugh when he grows up." she said to herself.
The next morning she gave birth to boy. He was christen August Fernand Moebius (1790 - 1868). He invented so called moebius' band (strip), which had big influence to topology. It can be made of paper by twisting a narrow strip half circle (180°), and then clueing ends together. This band has got only one side (surface) and only one edge.

attached 2010

There were abandoned paintings in the atelier.
The letter-box was filled with electricity bills addressed to undersigner of the paintings.
One of the paintings and most of the bills became my art supply, as I couldn't afford else.
The bills make a new, poor work over the old one.
I cross-stitched "obra pobre cobre" i.e. "poor work covers"

Cobranças sobre, dobram a obra ("Bills on top, double the work") (1999)