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the Netherlands

October 2003 I spent in Stichting B.a.d's guest atelier in Rotterdam. I had one room for living and one for working.
I concentrated in painting and as a result made a collection of big paintings.
I painted with peculiar technique. I combined water based acrylic colours with oil colours.
I named them after the classical values: Goodness, Beauty and Truth. They are said to be found under every value after dividing in the pieces.
The fourth of the paintings I named after Novelty, which is value essential for growth, development and change.
It is just like the three other values "unbreakable". It can't be split to other deeper values.
I guess, philosophers forgot it, because it isn't stabile. It moves to new subject after changes and development caused possibly by itself.

Novelty, 145 x 195 cm

Beauty, 145 x 215 cm

Goodness, 145 x 235 cm

Truth, 145 x 245 cm, detail

For the flight to the Netherlands and back, stickers with bar code were attached on my luggage.
I transfered parts of them to the right corner of my paintings.
There must be written in them in airport language: "Let this have a flight to Amsterdam" and "Take this in the aeroplane going to Helsinki".
(Time will loosen the stickers and pale the stripes of them.)