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Waternity (Immerwasser/Eauternité))

Waternity in an installation of stones.

Like with nearly everything in the Bernese Oberland,
I was enchanted with local stones, which have white stripes.
I made infinity symbol of them in the fountain front of Open Spaces art centre.
Water is running there eternally.

Selecting stones for it was surprisingly demanting job.
Width, curving and hue of the line was to be observed.
And also how stones fit to next ones,
i.e. stone's size, thickness and inclination, and direction of the edges.

Installing the work was tempering experience. Water was too cold.
Luckily I'm aware of Swiss cheesemakers' methods.
They rub hot cheese mass with bare hands
occationally cooling them on icy water.
I had a bucketful of hot water for the purpose.

Erki made a short video.
Don't hesitate to watch it.

The work of art is sensitive.
It doesn't exist any more if any of the stones is moved.

Name of the work in German is Immerwasser.
Warm thanks to cenamaximale* for the French version Eauternité.

*Roderick and Kyra MacLeod