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Space rug / Avaruusryijy

Avaruusryijy was unveiled in Finnish Meteorological Institute 1999 (Department of Geophysics).
It consist of color spots in black space. Spots are forming a 3-D picture.
Its subject is earth's magnetosphere at some moment in spring or autumn.

Solar wind flattens magnetosphere on the sunny side and streches it on the other side.
In reality, constantly changing solar wind causes its continuous deformation.

I had thoughts, if this art work is abstract or non-abstract art.
Abstract art doesn't "look like". Non-abstract art shows something we can see.
This looks like magnetosphere, which we can't see.
Probably it is in same genre with religious art with gods, angels, ghosts, etc.
It makes unvisible visible.

Space rug (breadth x height x depth: 240 x 150 x 35 cm)

Click here, and you'll see a video clip of the rug. (1,7 Mt)