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Jox daje ci jantu xaaju-bëccëg bi

The name is wolof.
In French it is:
Rendez-vous vers le midi solaire
and in English:
"Rendezvous roughly at solar noon"

The work of art is in Saint-Louis of Senegal, at Rue Paul Holle -street.
I made it during my residency in Waaw, January 2014.

It is two beams of light moving to opposite directions.
Light is of the Sun and the movement is its movement.
So it is powered by the Sun.
Simple idea, but there was needed great precision.

Watch the accelerated video clip.
One hour of beams' movement in 15 seconds.

The mirrors, which reflect the rays to opposing wall.

According to the clock, beams don't meet the same time every day.
The noon (of the Sun) moves during the year.
Find more of this phenomenon in wikipedia.

Daily crossing of beams occur on the wall opposite of Waaw.
Movements are slow, but waiting will be rewarded...

Cloudy days you won't see the spectacle.
Also some weeks in summer mirrors remain in shadow,
as at the time in Senegal the Sun shines from North.
I wish I could then be there and see,
if the light of summery full moon creates nocturnal encounter.