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Muistamme (We Remember)

Cemetery deletes lots of tombstones every year.
I designed a sculpture of these stones.
I cut them to single letter consisting slices.
Slices I glued together to make five stones with Finnish words:
muistamme (we remember), nyt (now), ennen (formerly), aina (always), kerran (once).

Sculpture is recycled material. Usually old gravestones end up gravel.
Even deleted tombstone has got emotional values. I think this work of art recycles also those.

Work of art is in Helsinki, Malmi graveyard, block 82x.

In spring 2017 new lawn was assembled around the work of art.

Now there is also a video for you.
To watch it, click the photo below.

The three metre vide work is horizontal and low.

The material used can be seen,
but departed remain unknown.