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Et voi koskaan tietää kaikkea mistään
(You can never know all about anything)

I made this painting of two pieces for entrance hall of The Media Centre, in 2007.
The Media Centre is part of city of Helsinki's Education Department.
It gives additional education for teachers and lends teaching equipment for schools.
This work of art in two pieces is declaring the fact that we always have limited knowledge.
Just like, on the one hand, from distance details disappear, and on the other hand in closer view, understanding larger context is difficult.
Or how about back side of the subject? We always lack information, which in some cases can be fateful.
We should be aware of our deficiency, when making decisions and judgements.

Always more can be learnt.

Painting in the entrance hall.
Black area in the bigger painting can be seen also in the smaller painting. It is the back of the cow.

Et voi koskaan tietää kaikkea mistään (You can never know all about anything)
acrylic and enamel paint on canvas, 45 x 195 and 18 x 19 cm