Awards 2018 Danish poster competition, 3rd prize 2012 art competition "tombstone", two prizes 2011 Cable Factory 20 years -art competition, winning entry 2005 Design Competition of Canal Digital, 2nd prize 2004 Competition of environmental art for "Varkauden Portti" crossing, 2nd prize 2001 Competition of jubilee coin for Aino Ackté and opera art,, 1st prize 2000 International ex libris competition "Kalevala 150 years", honorarble mention 1998 Upofloor Inc's design competition, honoring 1997 Forbo Desk Top, international design competition, 2nd prize 1997 Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Eesti Rahvuskultuuri Fond's prize 1996 Competition of sign and slogan for Italian town of Lissone, 1st prize 1996 Art competition for by-pass in Iisalmi, 2nd prize 1994 1st and 3rd prize, Liikenneliitto's sign competition 1987 "Habitare" Competition of University of Arts and Design

art competition "tombstone"

The Association of Finnish Sculptors and HOK-Elanto
organized art competition to find new kinds of tombstones.

I won 3rd prize with proposal "An empty space was left in our lives".
It is an open box made of rust covered steel.
With burning candle it is like a lantern.
Letters are cut through with water jet.

The prototype shows, tumbstone is small and fits a single grave.

See the prochure
(Finnish .pdf-file in new window)

My other entry, "You are still light", was awarded recognition award.
Solar cell in the top generates electricity.

LED row gives light.

A video was made of all the awarded works and artists.
You may watch it here.
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(only in Finnish)

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