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Stalinin palkinnot 2011 (Stalin Prizes 2011)

Already second time, I awarded prizes in hope of change for better.
I published a small book explaining something about prize winners and also Stalin.

Now, 2016 you can also browse it in web. Click here.
It is in Finnish, but don't worry.

Again, after screening were every day's nuisances selected for prize.
The theme was senses - a prize for each sense was chosen.
Lucky winners include for example fauset of a shower, hood, perfumed women,
unstable TV-filming, carboard box for pizza, tight plug/socket,...

The awarding seremony was held in Kalevalakehto of Seurasaari,
not in the Russian Centre of Science and Culture as I had planned.
I saw many unused spaces during my visit in the centre.
Numerous inquires remained unanswered.
Is centralized management and fear of decision, or the subject of my book, reason for this?

Russia, the heir of Soviet Union, should handle and remember also time and works of Stalin.
Maybe my project encourages to understand there are many ways to deal with the matter.
Past cannot be changed, but one can learn of it.
Understanding this could be a means for better today and future.
I share the opinion of Russian president: centralized authority can be dangerous.

The winners got reputation and attention in publicity and in the book.
Hood was selected the grand prize winner,
but traditional award, a (one way) journey to Siberia, couldn't be arranged.

If you would like to buy a copy of this book in Finnish.
Don't hesitate to ask.