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Raamattu (Bible) ja Koraani (Koran)

1995 I made two short films of holy books:
one of Bible and another for equality of Koran.
I filmed both of them, every double page a shot.
In digitized version whole book takes only about half a minute.
And all is correct: no deficiencies, no falsifications.
In films books are conceptually as "objects",
not as narration or translation.

Now 2014, I decided to have them had digitized.
After several days the digitizer informed he won't dare do the task.
He assumed the material could provoke muslim extremists.
As accomplice he would be the target of reprisal.

Bible movie he might be able to digitize,
but only if I promise not to show it anybody.
He knew compensations for copyright infringements
could be tens of thousands of euros.
He as partner guilty, the payer.

I have had these digitized elsewhere.

You can watch Raamattu-movie here.

You can watch Koraani-movie here.

Incidents made me think about fear and power.
Fear gives us initiative to constrain our own rights and freedoms.
Fearful person customizes his behavior and sayings.
He settles acquiescent and is easily persuaded.
Dominion created with dread is efficient and simple to increase.
It will persist rest of the life, as part of fear is conserved in subconscious.

We have liberties and privileges.
If they remain unused, soon they might not exist anymore.
Freedom of speech and expression must last.
Be fearless. Use your rights and exceed them when needed.

Movies had screenings in Tampere Film Festival 2015
in "Gems from Archives 2, inappropriate movies?" -special programme.