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Tanka is a type of Japanese poetry.
Plural of the word in Finnish is "tangat".
Is "tangat" a palindrome, as it is backwards the same when pronounced?
That is why the book's name is a question.

I made 11 copies of this 88 page book with 44 palindromes, puns which read the same backward.
I used plenty of symmetry also in illustration.
Each of the 11 book is unique.
Part of the illustrations are hand-made drawings and handicrafts.
Every book owner got a sticker with personal palindrome.
It was to be attached on empty page.

Bookbinding I made with a lead-based alloy of cast metal sorts.
I cast the metal, into star shaped molds through holes drilled in books.

And now, 24 years later, I got a chance to publish ¿Tangat? in web.
For web version I scanned the copy of my own archieves.

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