Solo exhibitions 2022 Taiteilija isolla teellä, restaurant Hima & Sali, Helsinki 2021 sivupoluilla reshow in Konttori of Cable Factory, Helsinki 2020 sivupoluilla (on sidepaths), Peltiseinä, Cable Factory, Helsinki 2019 nostaa kissan hännän, galleria Rankka, WC, Helsinki 2018 Käki on laskeutunut, Käytävägalleria/Cable Factory, Helsinki 2017 Helmikuu, Art Center Ahjo, Joensuu 2015 Oman käden oikeus, Cafe Cavalier, Helsinki 2013 Kevät (Spring), Käytävägalleria, Helsinki 2011 Mun plesö, Taidejulistegalleria, Helsinki 2010 Oonko se minä?, Käytävägalleria/Cable Factory, Helsinki 2009 Sisustustauluja pikkuporvaristolle, Lasipalatsin Näyttelytila, Helsinki 2007 Myrkar myndir/Paintworks, gallerí Klaustur, Iceland 2006 Kuivataikinakysely (only in Finnish), Aralis-galleria, Helsinki 2005 Teossofiaa (only in Finnish), works of art with Jaana Lönnroos, Taidetila Munkki, Helsinki 2005 Silmävoimistelua (Eye gymnastics), taidetila Munkki, Helsinki 2004 Stalin prizes 2004, taidetila Munkki, Helsinki 2003 Alanko maalariksi, taidetila Munkki, Helsinki 2003 Kaleidoskopioita, taidetila Munkki, Helsinki 2003 Poliittinen taide, taidetila Munkki, Helsinki 2001 Flaskor, galleri blås & knåda, Stockholm 2000 Selvityksiä, Kluuvin galleria, Helsinki 1998 Näyttelylasia, Design Forum (display window), Helsinki 1998 Umpimähkä, Savoy-theatre, Helsinki 1997 Poistaen lisättyä, Baffin Books, Helsinki 1995 Kuukausi, Design Museum, Helsinki 1994 Ved vinduet, Kulturfabrikken, Copenhagen 1994 Särkyvää Fragile, the Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki 1993 Kirsu & säkä, Galleria Be'19, Helsinki 1991 Stereomonotypioita, Rikhardinkatu library, Helsinki 1991 Roskis-Rytkönen, Design Museum, Helsinki 1990 Revalvaattori, Galleria Be'19, Helsinki 1990 Kuvataiteita Muotoilua, Galleria Be'19, Helsinki 1989 Lopputyönäyttely, galleria Varatie, Helsinki

Silmävoimistelua (Eye gymnastics)

Pictures of the exhibition can be seen 3-dimensional, without need of any special equipment, if you focus your eyes wide.
They remind of SIRDS (single image random dots) -images, which look like wall paper. When you watch a SIRDS-image, eyes aiming separately, it "opens" with motives seen in different depths. Use the same technique to view these.

Already year 2000 I made (with modelling program) an invitation card of the type of pictures in this exhibition.
Open a new window with card here. Hint: Stare the two dots below, so that you see them three. Then move your look carefully upwards, to the picture.

I started experimenting the same with photographs. Exhibition shows the results.

Works of Art:

Still Life with Fruits (18 x 21 cm)

Still Life with Fruits (16 x 20)

Hygiene (18 x 20)

Cleaning (4 x 24)

Ironing (15 x 18)

Shoe Shine (24 x 20)

Boot (18 x 20)

I also interested in possibilities with moving image. The experiment (approx. 1,3 Mb) I made with computer (2004), seems to work. Filming simultaneously moving object with many video cameras and later combining videos side by side, could be made a 3-D movie to be looked without special equipment(, but with special eye coordination).