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Stalin Prizes 2004

No Stalin Prize have been granted for more than a half century.
What could today be worth a prize with a name of cruel dictator?
What things annoy and disturb every day lives of ordinary people, was my question.
The exhibition of prize winners became a work of art itself, with a motto "Strength from better every day".

First short review to Stalin and Stalin prizes.

Iosif Dzugasvili (1878 - 1953) took himself new name Stalin, which means "steel",
and not in vain - estimations of tens of millions of deaths caused by cruelties of his reign have been made.
In addition to this, his era meant immesurable mental and physical sufferings to even more both in Soviet Union and abroad.
Among other things Soviet Union started war against Finland.

Stalin Prize was awarded for great scientific or cultural achievements from 1939 to 1955.
One of the prize winners was scientist, who "taught" cows to milk creamier milk by giving them cream to drink.
(Sounds absurd, but remember, only few years ago cows were feed fodder, made of slaughter wastes, with horrible consequences.)

Year 2004 Grand Prize is one way trip to Siberia, other prizes, doubtful fame and honour.
This time winners were chosen by jury consisting of only one autocratically condemning person.
Prize winning nominees were those, who instead of great achievements have caused inconvenience for long time to ordinary people,
and so could by changing ease our lives. I.e. prizes are spur to change.

Kidnappings, suicide bimbings, crimes, accidents,... We get anxious of distant and even unreal things.
Our every day life is near, real and now.
Solving its troubles gives us strength to meet also other people's burdens.

Strength from better every day!

Prize winners:

Stalin Grand Prize 2004 to dill in pot

This alive herb growing in pot, disappoints every time you mistake to buy it.
It is not cheap, it is slack after you remove it from its package and above all - it doesn't have even slightest taste of dill.

Dill in pot got the Grand Prize - one-way trip to Turuhansk, Siberia. Above you see it before the trip.
The jury was unhappy to get dill returned, receiver unknown.
The heavy journey wilted it to nearly unrecognizable. See belowe.

Stalin prize to pedestrian's control button for trafic lights.

The system forces pedestrians and cyclists to wait every time they want to cross the road.
When road-crosser doesn't notice the button at once, waiting time is even longer.
The system tempts and teaches pedestrians to cross road despite red light at risk to life.

Stalin prize to packages of video casettes

8 and ½ minutes were needed to open this set of three casettes.
Plastic wrappings are tight around not only the set, but also each of the casettes.
Plastic is strong and pieces stick with static electricity in your hands and every where.
There are also stickers, with infirmation of the type and length of the casette, to be attached by the customer.
Using tools like knife or scissors can be fatal. Packing like this causes also lots of waste.

Stalin prize to ice cream car

Ice cream cars play loudly their infuriating melody even six times in each stop.
(Above you see the tune with ice cream cars as notes.)

Stalin prize to lack of letters in internet

With help of computers can be made virtual worlds, animations 3-D objects,... nothing seems to be impossible
- exept ä and ö, which are essential to Finnish and some other languages.

(the missing points of ä and ö form this portrait)

Stalin prize to cottage cheese

(serving suggestion)

This healthy and nearly tasteless cheese seems to pale among the other winners.
But the jury, with one accord, thought it is in its best eaten with for example bread, on which it doesn't stay.
As loose and round structured it rolls off and messes surroundings.

I made a publication to celebrate the prize winners.
In the back cover can be found this stamp with signatures, another of which is mine i.e. jury's.

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