Selected group exhibitions 2017 FeuterShow, Feutersoey, Switzerland 2007 Bread - Cultural Heritage, City Hall of Novi Sad, Serbia 2006 Papericocktail, the best in competition for works of art of recycled paper, Designmuseum, Helsinki 2004 Vetri. Nel mondo. Oggi, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, Italy 2000 Dialogue, Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft, Denmark 1999 The Nordic Spirit, Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft 1996 The First 10 Years, Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft 1992 Finland Independent 75 Years Jubilee Design Exhibition, "Maamme", Design Forum, Helsinki 1992 Puu, Design Museum, Helsinki 1992 FinlandiDá, Mejan, Stockholm 1991 Marimekko's Tee Shirt Exhibition, Helsinki 1991 Different Christmas Calendars, Design Forum, Helsinki 1990 Koruko, Galleria 25, Helsinki 1988 Young Artists, Taidehalli, Helsinki 1988 Paradisus Terrestris, Design Museum, Helsinki 1987 Public Furnitures Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Sonck-sali, Helsinki 1987 Metaxis, Design Museum, Helsinki


In this art competition was meant to make unique works of art of recycled paper.
Two of my entries were chosen to final judging and exhibition of competition works in Designmuseum.

PIRSTALEISUUDESTA ("About Fragmentation")

I made Pirstaleisuudesta, art books about recycling, of old books.
The most important task of paper is to be the surface, on which information is added.
These works of art are recycling both the paper, and the contents of old books.
Of cut-out pages of more than hundred books in accidental order I gathered more than hundred new books.
Contents are conserved, but they are in new contexts.

Each book of this series of works of art is unique. Similar in idea and caracter, but different in contents.
They are like the "broken-in-pieces-time" we are living.
They are like shuttling between TV channels or surfing in the internet. Accidental pieces from here and there in no order.

MATKASANDAALIT ("Travel Sandals")

Maps are needed in new places - sandals are made for walking.
Old maps turned into sandals. Their old and new tasks are to be with also in strange places.
When old maps' value of use is lost, they still have emotional value gilded with memories.

Remembrances risen of sandals' materials:

1985, as a part of our studies, we had one month co-project with Cracow Art Academy.

1990 in Barcelona. Run out of money, but strangely (in those years), withdrawals from own bank account could be made with one of our Finnish bank cards.

1999 in Stockholm arranging coming exhibition. I also bought strong blue sandals, remains of which I used in this entry.

An old shoe box given a new life.